An unforgettable travel experience
A destination that has it all, just a few kilometers from Athens. A dream getaway for nature lovers. Lakes, forests, sea, dreamy natural landscapes magnetize the visitor and offer unprecedented experiences. With a mythical aura and short trails full of pictures, Trikala Corinth is the "place to be" for your holidays or weekends.


The uphill road leads to the heart of the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese, to the great plateau of Kyllini or Zireia and to the Flambouritsa Gorge. The area is ideal for hiking enthusiasts, as a large network of trails leads either to the Flamburica valley which forms the core of the wider area, integrated into the NATURA 2000 network, or to the Lake of the Forest with its beautiful meadows and rare wildflowers, or to the High Peak of the Mountain at 2374 m.

Kato Trikala

Set in a unique landscape, at an altitude of 900 meters, the hospitable village of Kato Trikala combines the sea breeze of the Corinthian Gulf and the wild mountainous traditional beauty of the mountain. In the center of the village is a magnificent stone-built square, which is surrounded by two ultra-centuries-old plane trees with their shade cooling visitors.

Mesaia Trikala

The village of Mesaia Trikala with the intense coexistence of traditional and modern architectural elements, always based on the warm atmosphere of stone and wood, contains the largest infrastructure of hostels in the area, giving the visitor the opportunity to find the ideal environment of relaxation and relaxation for his stay.

Ano Trikala

In the village of Ano Trikala the visitor also has the opportunity to visit a plethora of rescued old stone mansions, such as the Notarades Mansion, one of the most famous families in the area. This mansion is the home of Gerasimos Notaras and is located next to the church of Saint Gerasimos himself with Byzantine icons.


The towering centuries-old trees, the snow-capped mountains and the wild beauty of the place give you the impression of being a postcard. Particularly impressive is the Flamburica canyon, ideal for experienced climbers. For snow lovers, there is the ski resort at the NE of the Ziria Plateau.


Xylokastro is a tourist destination for thousands of visitors who can enjoy its blue flag beaches and the famous Pine Tree. Nympes Guesthouse is just 20 minutes from the town of Xylokastro so that your stay combines the beauty of the mountain and the joys of the sea.


The region of Feneos is associated with important mythological and historical elements. The plateau that formed was formerly flooded by the waters of the Doxa and Olvi rivers. Above the beautiful artificial lake of Doxa, surrounded by spruce mountains of Helmos and Ziria, is the 16th-century Monastery of St. George.


An all year round destination


On the plateau of Mount Ziria (or Kyllini), at an altitude of 1500 meters, just 10 kilometers from the rapidly expanding tourist resort of Trikala Corinthia and within walking distance of both Athens and Patras, Ziria Ski Resort has been operating since 2007. It is one of the newest ski resorts in the country, nearest to Attica, and is ideal for beginners and families with children who want to take their first steps in skiing.


You can enjoy the entire landscape on organized and marked trails or on unique trails through the woods. There are many forest roads on the mountain, giving you the opportunity to get to even the most secluded corner, with a prominent route crossing the plateau and ending in Goura, through a lush fir forest where we often meet half-wild horses. The slopes of the mountain above the small shelter are ideal for mountaineering, something that visitors-climbers take advantage of to enjoy the winter snow.


Το κέντρο ελεύθερης ιππασίας και ορεινών δραστηριοτήτων ξεκίνησε τη λειτουργία του το Σεπτέμβριο του 2006 στο Ρέθι Κορινθίας, δίπλα στα φημισμένα Τρίκαλα. Το κέντρο διαθέτει εξειδικευμένο συνοδό ιππασίας & προσωπικό για την μέγιστη ασφάλειά σας. Στις εγκαταστάσεις του διαθέτει ήρεμα και φιλικά άλογα για τη βόλτα σας στις γύρω ρεματιές και τις χιονισμένες πλαγιές της Ζήρειας, πόνυ για την εξοικείωση των παιδιών με το ευγενές ολυμπιακό άθλημα της ιππασίας, καθώς και εγκαταστάσεις και ειδικό εξοπλισμό για τοξοβολία.


One place that is really worth a visit is the beautiful Lake Dasiou. The landscape offers unique images as it transforms into the changing seasons. The scenery of its completely frozen surface is followed by the reflection of winter clouds in its blue waters when the ice begins to melt, the repetition of the green of the firs in its still waters in spring and its revelation, engraved by the sunlight in the fall.

In a beautiful part of the village, overlooking the mountains and the sea with a special architecture adapted to the local culture with modest luxury, Nymfes Guesthouse was created so that the visitor can experience the simplicity of the space in a beautiful and unique atmosphere.


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