The rising road leads to the heart of the second highest Greek mountain, in the great plateau of Kyllini or Ziria and to the Flabouritsas canyon. The area is perfectly appropriate for hiking lovers, since a wide net of footpaths leads either to the Flabouritsas canyon which constitutes the center of the general area, enlisted in the NATURA 2000 net, either to the lake Dasios with the wonderful prairies with the rare wild flowers, either to the High Summit of the mountain on an altitude of 2374m.

The village Trikala of Korinth is composed of three scenic small villages: Kato, Middle and Ano Trikalla, the latter being the biggest village of the eastern side of Ziria. They are located on altitudes of 900m, 1000m and 1100m respectively, and they are one of the oldest mountainous resorts. Trikala were built on the area of the ancient Mysaio, during the 10th century, by people who were living in the lower level areas but were threatened by invaders. Thus they were forced to move and built new villages in a beautiful and healthy location. Trikala used to be the place of the Notaraion who were some powerful Korinthian notable people.